Ultra marine blue

  • Certificates Available:
  • FDA, AP89-1, ROHS, EN71-3

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  • Function
  • 1. Color Correction: the neutralization of a yellow caste in a white or clear plastic; the addition of ultramarine blue gives cleaner, more neutral shades, such as mass coloration of paper, bleaching agents and detergents.

    2. Coloration: it can be used in the fields of paint, rubber, plastic, printing ink, artists’ color, coloring and tinting paper, interior and exterior decorative and architectural coatings etc.

    3. Color modulation: brighten the dark color.

  • Ultramarine Blue:
  • Ultramarine blue is essentially a three-dimensional aluminosilicate lattice with entrapped sodium ions and ionic sulfur groups, and its earliest applications were in artists’ colors and as a textile brightener.

  • Advantages of Lapis products
    • Non-Toxic
    • Non-Migratory
    • Compatible with all polymers
    • Excellent heat stability up to 350 ℃
    • Excellent weather fastness(4-5 grade)
    • Excellent light fastness(7-8 grade)
    • Excellent resistance to alkali
    • Maintains dimensional stability
    • Easily Dispersed

  • Ultramarine Applications:
  • Ultramarine are widely used in Plastics, Printing Inks, Rubber, Paint, Paper, Soap, Detergents, Art paints, Stationery, Cosmetics etc.

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