Pigment Powders

Pigments for Printing Inks

Jupiter has a strong presence in inks and offers full series of pigment powders covering offset, gravure, flexo and water based inks. Jupistar pigments give excellent dispersion, gloss, brightness and stability in various mediums used in ink industry. These have been widely used in currency printing, packaging industry and magazines on most modern printing machines.

Global & Indian brand leaders in ink industries rely on Jupistar products.

Pigments for Plastics

Jupistar pigments for plastics are known for their heat stability, light fastness and high dispersibility. Jupiter has been very successfully manufacturing Pigment Powder suitable for Master Batches of PVC, P, PE, PS, HDPE, LDPE, EVA, PET, PC, EP, PV and thermosetting resins.

The company is well equipped to develop special products to meet the complex needs of engineering plastics industry.

Pigments for Paints

Jupistar offers full series of Pigment Powders for water based paint industry for various applications.

Jupistar pigments are formulated to achieve excellent light and weather fastness crucial to deliver superior performance for exterior or interior applications. Dispersion, brightness of shade and depth have been optimized in these pigments for the most economic usage in a variety of applications of emulsions and industrial paints.

Pigments for Textiles

Jupistar pigment powders are used for making emulsions for textile dying and printing by leading industries in Europe, Latin America and the Middle East besides India.

Other Application

Jupistar offers excellent Pigment Powder for Rubber and Latex, Paper, Cosmetic, Detergents and various other applications.

Agrocoat Pigment Dispersions for seed coating and pesticides formulations

S. No Shade Shade Product Colour Index C.I.NO. Code Pigment Content
Full Reduction AGRICOAT %
1 AGRICOAT Yellow 174 Pigment Yellow 74 11741 174 48
2 AGRICOAT Orange 234 Pigment Orange 34 21115 234 50
3 AGRICOAT RED 312 Pigment Red 112 12370 312 55
4 AGRICOAT Blue 415 Pigment Blue 15:3 74160 415 55
5 AGRICOAT Green 507 Pigment Green 7 74260 507 55
6 AGRICOAT Violet 823 Pigment Violet 23 51319 823 30