We offer excellent quality of dyestuffs for various applications in dyeing and printing of cotton, polyster, wool and blended fabrics. We offer basic dyes and solvents dyes for paper inks, leather and miscellaneous applications. These dyes are manufactured by our associate companies, Colour and Chemical Industries and Kusum Enterprises.

Reactive Dyes

Reactive Yellow 15, 42, 84, 145, 160

Reactive Orange 12, 16, 84, 107
Reactive Red 141, 152, 194, 195, 198
Reactive Blue 21, 171, 222, 250
Reactive Black 5
Basic Dyes

Auramine O

Basic Yellow 2
Rhodamine Solvent Red 19
Methylene Blue Blue Basic Blue9
Victoria Blue Basic Blue6
Methyl Violet Basic Violet1
Disperse Dyes

Disperse Yellow 7Gl, 5RX, C4G

Disperse Golden Yellow 2GN, 2GD
Disperse Dark Red 2B
Disperse Rubine BL
Disperse Orange RL
Disperse Scarlet RR/ 2R, 3R
Disperse Brown 3BS, 3REL
Disperse Violet 3R
Acid Dyes

Metanil Yellow R

Acid Yellow 36
Acid Orange ll Acid Orange 7
Acid Scarlet 3R Acid Red 18
Acid Fast Red A Acid Red 88
Acid Patent Blue AS Acid Blue1
Acid Patent Blue VS Acid Blue 7
Acid Black 10 BX Acid Black 1
Acid Black ND Acid Black 210
Food Colours

Tartrazine Supra

Food Yellow 4
Amaranath Supra Food Yellow 9
Sunset Yellow Food Yellow 3
Erythrosine Supra Food Red3
Indigo Carmine Food Blue1
Brilliant Blue Food Blue 2
Allura Red Food Red 17
Ponceau 4R Food Red 7
Metal complex Dyes
Acid Brown 2RL Acid Brown 45
Acid Pink B Acid Red 186
Acid Violet RL Acid Violet 92
Acid yellow 2GLN Acid Yellow59
Acid Yellow GL Acid Yellow 114
Acid Orange RL Acid Orange 86
Acid Black MSRL Acid Black 194
Acid Black WA Acid Black 52
Other Pigments
Violet Toner JD7 Pigment Violet 27
Violet Toner JD2 Pigment Violet 3
Synthetic Yellow Oxide Pigment Yellow 42
Synthetic Red Oxide Pigment Red 101
Ultramarine Blue Pigment Blue 29
Middle Chrome Pigment Yellow 34
Lemon Chrome Pigment Yellow 34
Solvent Dyes

Solvent Black 27, 29

Solvent Orange 54,58,59
Solvent Red 89, 119, 127, 132
Solvent Yellow 62, 82, 90

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